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Call in the professionals

Our professional service means that you’ll never need to worry again about personal injury or demotivating your employees when performing the undesirable task of cleaning your bins. For your added reassurance, we are fully licensed and insured. 


Protection for your customers and your business image

Having your bins professionally cleaned ensures your customers are safe from the health risks of unhygienic bins and the associated smells.                                                                              

Who wants to be a business where the first impression is a bad smell? 


Experience you can count on

We already work for a wide range of clients where hygiene is essential to their business, including pre-schools, a nursery, restaurants, takeaways and caravan parks.

They all enjoy the benefits of a regular visit usually monthly or alternate months cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising their waste containers, bin cupboards and hard standing areas. 


A service tailormade for you

We’re proud of our high standards of workmanship and we see a job through from start to finish - whatever your requirements. We offer tailored, flexible cleaning contracts for all your bins and containers with some very cost-effective packages. Why not call us today to arrange a no-obligation, personal quotation? 

Why does my Company need clean bins ?

Wheelie bin cleaning is now considered an important factor towards meeting the overall minimal standard for those wishing to demonstrate hygiene best practice.


Reduce bacterial build up that otherwise would cause bad odours that you, your customers and employees can smell!


Avoid the risk of personal injury or demotivation of your employees - or you - having to clean the bins yourself. 


Economically decrease the risk of infestation from rodents, ants, flying insects and other pests. 


Effectively remove fly eggs and maggots. 


Kill 99% of all known germs. 


Reduce the chances of cross contamination from the wheelie bin to the kitchen. 


Ensure a clean and hygienic wheelie bin - that actually smells good!

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